Friday, 6 May 2011

Production - Request for Permission to Film.

As our trailer script shows, we will be shooting one scene in a public fitness center. There are a few in our area, and our group has chosen to use the one at QE School in Wimborne, as one member of our group, Phoebe, used to be a student there, and the layout of their fitness center fits the layout we have pictured.

However, as it is a public fitness center, and is not owned by us nor our school, we sent them a request to film via email.

"Dear Sirs,

We are a group of A2 Media Studies students from Ringwood School. For our coursework, we would like to use your fitness center to shoot one scene. We would aim to film within the space of one hour, and there would be a group of four. (One actress, three production.) Would this be possible?

Kind regards,

Melanie Davis, Oliver Kent, and Phoebe Ward"

We received a polite response the next day, informing us that we will be able to film at the fitness center, provided that we give them two weeks' notice and come before lunch, as this is their least busy time.

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