Sunday, 6 February 2011

Research - Analysis of Dove's "Evolution" Campaign.

"Evolution" is a campaign that was launched as part of the "Dove Campaign for Real Beauty", to promote the "Dove Self-Esteem Fund" and raise awareness of the extreme changes that models undergo in the fashion industry which makes their appearance in media unattainable.

The commercial starts with a plain, but not unattractive, female sitting in a studio. The lights are turned on and the pace is edited to speed through the process of dramatic make up application and digital retouching (including the lengthening of her neck, the widening of her eyes, and the thickening of her hair), transforming her into a glamorous billboard model; almost unrecognizable as the girl she started as. The campaign was met with acclaim from consumers and critics alike for its confidence-boosting honesty about the enhancements a model undergoes before her pictures are revealed to the public.

Our group will be making a trailer a fashion/modeling centric film, and we are now starting to think about basing the film's plot around showing what happens behind the scenes within the fashion/modeling industry, similar to this trailer. Basing the film around a model's life rather than her work will allow us to open up a number of more general plots that complement our main theme (e.g. relationships, issues with body image, etc), which prevents us from targeting a wider audience; the entire 18-34 females market, rather than 18-34 females interested in fashion niche.
Also, the positive reaction the campaign received suggests that young female audiences, whilst enjoying "glossy" themes, like seeing "real women" that they can relate to.